Coconut Man

In this series, I wanted to show the hard working life of Chan Oun who lives in the slums in Siem Reap. Single father of 4 children, he goes out everyday depending on the weather to try and earn enough money for the day in order to feed his children.

Each time i met him, he was always positive, friendly and kept his usual big smile. He inspired me in such a way that I hope my work can reflect it.

His story:

Chan Oun is a 42 years old man, he only attended school until grade 3. He grew up in Kom Pong Cham Province, Kchao Village. He has 4 children, Siev Hong, Chivon, Kimlong, Kimly.

For work, Chan Oun drives his old motorbike to villages around Siem Reap Province to buy coconuts which he sells in the city. The farmers sell him the coconuts fairly cheap, as he has to climb each tree himself and cut down the coconut fruits.

As he doesn’t earn much from selling the coconut, he also goes around town (sometimes with his children) with his motorbike looking in the rubbish in order to collect recyclables and then sell them.